WundbehandlungQ.Light Photo Therapy is used for general wound care, for treatment of chronic wounds as well as for prevention of wounds.

The main applications for the Q.Light WOUND CARE are:
- Stasis Ulcers/Leg Ulcers
- Decubitus Ulcers/Pressure sores
- Diabetic Gangrene
- Surgical wounds
- Injury wounds
- Burns

Biological effectiveness:
The pain free Q.Light wound treatment supports microcirculation and supplies proven influence on various phases of the wound healing. It is inflammation retarding and pain killing, activates immune defence, optimises perfusion and the development of new blood vessels. These wound healing effects are achieved by the two different Q.Light WOUND CARE treatment modules, with a spectrum between 385–780 nm and between 385–1700 nm. The polarised light radiation produces a power density of approx. 40 mW/cm². The Q.Light WOUND CARE treatment can easily be combined with other wound care programs and is therefore an interesting, valuable and effective treatment for improved treatment results.
The significant, positive effect of the treatment with Q.Light is basically due to the up to 45 % enhanced microcirculation in skin and tissue.The clear improved perfusion in blood capillaries, the higher concentration of growth factors for cell renewal, the increased deformability of red blood cells and the optimized oxygen transport function of circulating blood leads to enhancement and/or reactivation of wound healing processes.
For the professional medical treatment we recommend the Q.Light PRO UNIT.
For the mobile application and the treatment at home we recommend the Q.Light WOUND CARE.