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Q.Light Photo Therapy is a valuable and optimal supplementation for many cosmetic treatments. Q.Light Photo Therapy is a optimal supplementation for many cosmetological treatment methods, holistic wellness-treatments as well as to support regeneration and healing processes. The treatment with Q.Light supports, among other things, various phases of the skin's natural regeneration potential. It is inflammation retarding, pain reducing, improves perfusion, assists the development of new blood vessels, enhances lymphatic drainage and triggers general metabolic activity.

Q.Light Photo Therapy can easily be combined with standard-treatment concepts. It also supports active cosmetic substances to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin.

Cosmetic FiltersetGeneral biological effects related with the Q.Light Photo Therapy:
- Activation of local and systemic microcirculation
- Enhancement of oxygen transport into skin and tissue
- Optimizes permeability of cell membrane
- Improvement of cell metabolism
- Stimulates lymphatic activity
- Regulates hormonal system

Optimal treatment results are obtained especially in the following indications:

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