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The Q.Light ACNE CARE is especially designed for the natural and side effect free treatment of mild and moderate acne for Dermatologists, Cosmetic Institutes and for treatment and after care at home.

The main applications for the Q.Light ACNE CARE system are:
Mild and moderate
- Common Acne
- Acne Vulgaris:
Acne Comedonica
Acne Papulopustulosa
Acne Conglobata

Q.Light ACNE CARE kills on a biological manner the involved P. Acne bacteria with the emitted UV free polarized light with a spectrum of 385–500 nm.

Photodynamic effect:
The pigment porphorin is a metabolic product coming from the propioni acnes bacteria (P. acne bacteria). Due to the treatment with Q.Light ACNE CARE porphorin is produced by the P. acne bacteria. Porphorin molecules absorb the emitted photons. By doing so, oxygen radicals are released. These free radicals destroy the cell membrane of the P. acne bacteria and kill it.


For the professional medical treatment we recommend the Q.Light PRO UNIT.
For the mobile application and the treatment at home we recommend the Q.Light ACNE CARE.