Pro UnitThe Q.Light PRO UNIT treatment system is designed for use by health and beauty professionals. It complies with the medical product standards in the EEC according the regulation 93/42.

The Q.Light PRO UNIT is very easy to use due to its compact design and the flexible filter system. The optical system with special light source and patented technology, offers an ideal spectrum for various applications in the field of light and Phototherapy. An electronic timer allows to operated the system applying always the right dose.
The Q.Light PRO UNIT offers specialized treatment modules which allows to treat specific indications always with the right and best spectrum. Just insert the module into the foreseen module slot in the Q.Light PRO UNIT device and you are set for the treatment.

The following specialized indication filter modules are available:


For the Photodynamic Therapy there are two filter modules:

- PDT therapy module
- diagnostic module

download brochure: Q.Light PRO UNIT