In-depth action with Q.Light colourlight treatment effective and powerful cosmetic concentrates in ampoules.


Ampullenkur Colour SupportTo support treatment it is ideal to use cosmetics. Applied methods are based on extensive knowledge of light and colour light therapy. Combining light and colour light treatment with cosmetic products multiplies the positive effects on cells and thus the success of treatment. Q.Products AG had German research laboratories develop the highly efficient beauty pure Ampoule Cures to optimise the in-depth action of Q.Light. Precious synergy effects arise from combining Q.Light Colour Filters and Ampoule Cures.Spheres of activity and application ranges are described in detail on the following pages. In explaining the effects of colour and cosmetics there is always mention of the global colour effect and the desired cosmetic effect.

ACTIVE revital concentrate

PROTECT multivitamin concentrate

RELAX calming concentrate

HYDRO freshness concentrate

PURE cleansing concentrate

STRENGTH stabilising concentrate

LIFTING regeneration concentrate