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"Light Medicine of the Future" How we can use it to heal ourselves now Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D, Bear & Company Publishing, ISBN 0-879181-01-0 Buch Jacob Liberman
"Light Years Ahead" The Illustrated Guide to Full Spectrum and Colored Light Celestial Arts Berkley, California, ISBN 0-89087-762-9 Buch Celestial Arts Berkley
"Let there be Light!" Practical manual for Spectro-Chrom Therapy Darius Dinshah, Dinishas health society, ISBN 0-933917-17-1 Bücher zu "Let there be Light"
"The Principles of Light and Color" The Healing Power of Color Edwin S. Babitt, Citadel Press, ISBN 0-8065-0748-9 Buch Edwin S. Babitt
"The Future of Light" Hardwin Tibbs, Watkins London & Dulverton, ISBN O-7224-0196-5 Bücher zu "The Future of Light"