Colour Oils: pure essential oils with the stimulating energy of colour. Optimum complement to Q.Light light therapy system.


FarböleEssential oils are odoriferous substances stored in form of tiny oil drops in different plant sections (blossoms, fruits and seeds, leafs and needles, resins, peel and crust, roots) and in different quantities. Consisting of up to 200 different ingredients they serve the plant to attract insects and thus to protect their continued existence, to defend against parasites, to communicate with other plants and play an important role in the plant metabolism - similar to human hormones. They contain all characteristic features of the respective plant and thus represent the plant's soul.


Colour Oils are harmoniously matched compounds of different highest-quality essential oils. They are not dyed, but in their oscillating frequency each correspond to a certain colour. The desired in-depth effect on the organism is strengthened; the sensory perception is extended and refined. The sensory stimulus can be absorbed through primary perception organs (eye, nose) and also through the skin.

FrauThe combination of colour and smell, thus the combination of colour light therapy and aroma therapy, complements one another ideally and helps the human body and soul to recover and maintain the well-being. balance pro® Colour Oils consist of carefully blended natural essential oils and are absolutely free from synthetic olfactory substances, dye and preservatives as well as from raw materials based on mineral oil. All formulas are dermatologically tested against allergies and skin irritations.

What ESSENTIAL OILS can do for YOU?

A world without fragrances is not conceivable. Essential oils are fragrant, volatile and liquid ingredients of plants. They are recovered with most careful methods such as distillation, pressing or extraction. While botanical medicine uses the whole plant, aroma therapy only utilizes certain special, highly effective substances – the essential oils. Whether used for a fragrant bath, relaxing body massage or pleasant room smell: essential oils offer an abundance of application possibilities.

Aroma Therapy is the controlled application of essential oils for the preservation or improvement of health. The essential substance unfolds on the skin to a gentle, individual aroma, reaching the nervous system and getting all sections of the organism vibrating. Fragrances can calm down, ease, stimulate or activate and even heal. The smell of a flower or an herb forms the essential substance, the soul of the natural plant, born from the elements light, air, water and earth. The character of a plant is compressed in its fragrance. The natural essential oils always show individuality and their nuances differ from year to year according to external influences such as weather or soil.