Skin Care Unit

The Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT is a cosmetic treatment system, designed to produce young, smooth and healthy looking skin. While we age, we begin to see visible signs of sun damage due to UV-light, time, malnutrition and lifestyle choices, appearing in our complexion.

The Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT is designed for the application of skin care treatments in dermatological practices, aesthetic clinics, beauty salons and for treatment at home.

The Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT offers specialized treatment modules which allows to treat specific skin conditions always with the right and best spectrum. Insert the appropriate module into the module slot and the Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT is set for the treatment. The spectrum developed by the specialized skin care filter modules are adjusted to achieve adequate biological response needed to achieve best results for the specific skin care application.

Cosmetic filter module set:
SKIN CARE module
- ANTI AGEING module



Colourlight Therapy with brilliantly and effective colours

6 FarbenThe Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT offers special dichroic colour filter modules which allows to use the device also for colour light therapy. Brilliant colours are achieved by the combination of the patented light source, that is powered by the Q.Light and the special filter modules.

download brochure: Q.Light SKIN CARE UNIT